Reviews for Milky Way Repo:

Noir scifi? Yes please!

A solid book. A little action, a little intrigue, a little romance. Enjoyable characters and a plot that moved quickly without feeling rushed. I enjoyed the book and would recommend it to fans of noir fiction and crime drama.

“But wait!” you might say. “I thought it was scifi!”

Well, there are spaceships, other worlds, and a radioactive guy that burns when exposed to air. But the scifi bit is pretty light. Setting more than story. So if you’re looking for hi-tech hardcore space battles, or robots vs aliens, this isn’t the book.

This is a gritty group of repo agents mixed up with the wrong sort of people and trying to do the best they can in a tough spot. The story would be right at home in turn-of-the-century New York, or present day Vegas. The fact that it’s set far in the future on spaceships and other planets gives it a fun and unexpected tone, and for me as a scifi fan, made it really enjoyable. – Scott Burtness

If you have a Starliner in default

I could write about tight story structure, great characters and a lot more. However, if you have a Starliner in default, call Milky Way Repo. If you don’t, buy the book and spend time with the crew. You will not be disappointed.

Excellent story!

Characters are interesting and likeable. Strong firefly / star wars (Han solo, no Jedi) feel. Has enough detail to flesh out storyline without causing the book to get bogged down.

I received this book via the Early Reviewers program at LibraryThing and read it on my Kindle Paerwhite. I always enjoy a good space adventure and this book did not disappoint. The story revolves around the exploits of a repossession company run by our protagonist, Nathan Teller and his crew. As one might expect, Nate takes on a job that turns out to be more complicated and dangerous than initially anticipated, let the fun begin. The book is well written and the plot, while fairly simple, is well developed. The author also does a good job in fleshing out most of his characters. At times while reading this book I had visions of Malcolm Reynolds and the Serenity crew rendezvousing with Nate and his crew. If you are looking for a fun, science fiction space opera then I suggest you give “Milky Way Repo” a try, you’ll be glad you did!

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