It’s Launch Day for Bad Rock Beat Down!

BRBD_Promo_Card_1It’s launch day for Bad Rock Beat Down, the second book in the Milky Way Repo series. Don’t worry though, you can enjoy this one without reading the first one.What’s this book about? Well, here’s the synopsis:

A sci-fi crime novel set in a dirty, corrupt universe.

The starship repossession agents of Milky Way Repo are sent to the desolate settlement of Bad Rock to retrieve a vessel. Once there, they become entangled with a notorious thug running a smuggling operation for the Syndicate. Struggling to do the right thing while trying to complete their job, things go seriously awry with deadly consequences.

Like so many people in today’s economy, Nathan and his crew are just trying to make ends meet. He’s living paycheck-to-paycheck and desperately trying to keep his business afloat. When he runs up against a Syndicate thug who can offer him a solution to all his problems, what will he do? Nathan has to make a choice about what’s right, what he stands for and what he’s willing to do to take care of the people he loves.

The great thing about revisiting the Milky Way Repo galaxy is that it’s kind of a do-over. I get to take all the criticisms, suggestions and things people enjoyed about the first book and put them to work in this one. I read all of the reviews people leave on Amazon and Goodreads, make notes about the feedback they give me in person and put them to use to improve how I tell stories. When an author tells you reviews are important, they really mean it.

It’s no secret that while Milky Way Repo may be science fiction, its influences are pure Rust Belt. This crew works for a living and they work hard. The job keeps them away from their families and asks them to make sacrifices not easily measured in wages.

This installment is also fun, inspired by all those great TV shows I spent too many hours watching in middle school. Shows like The A-Team, Airwolf, Knight Rider and Riptide. To me, the best episodes were the ones where the heroes ended up in a town under the thumb of a bad guy, desperate for someone to save them.

So, give Bad Rock Beat Down a look and let me know what you think.


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