An Excerpt from Bad Rock Beat Down

Here’s a little bit of Bad Rock Beat Down from the first chapter:

“You the repo man? I’m Sheriff Jack Talliger.”

Nathan nodded and introduced himself. “Here’s our authorization,” he said and handed over the mobi with the documents. “I imagine Carl in the office called you?”

“He sure did,” the sheriff said as he scrolled through the documents, swiping his fingers from side to side. “This looks like it’s all in order,” he said and handed it back. “You can’t have the ship.”

Nathan blinked. “What’s the problem?”

The lawman tipped his hat back. “Are you familiar with the band, Captain Teller? Bone Daddy and the Voodoo Choir?”

“Not really.”

“Well, they’ve been in my county for almost a week so I’ve become more familiar with them than I ever wanted. They’re a bunch of assholes who sing this ear-splitting death rock that sounds like a metal shredder in a salvage yard. They do all sorts of obscene things on stage. The kids seem to like them but I’ve got farmers out here ready to string them up. It’s not just the band either. Take a look.” The sheriff pointed outside.

Nathan stepped around him to look out the hatch at the tarmac. A large crowd of people approached the ship from a line of cars at the main gate. Nathan saw dozens of people dressed in leather and rubber with skin dyed orange and green. A young man, with a Mohawk and piercings all over his face, threw something at the ship that bounced off the nosecone. The woman next to him, with a skull tattooed over her bald head, shouted at him. Nathan stepped back inside. “Those are the fans?”

The sheriff took off his hat and rubbed his forehead. “They’re awful. They run around half naked, high on whatever the hell they can find, and since they arrived, I’ve had to deal with an increase in petty theft, assault, public lewdness and drunkenness.” He waved his hat toward the outside of the ship. “They’ve infested the whole town, and I am not an exterminator. I’m simply not equipped to deal with a problem this big. You can’t have their ride.”

“Look, Sheriff, I appreciate your position here,” Nathan said, “but I have a job to do too. I’ve got to take this ship.”

Sheriff Talliger gripped his hat with both hands. “Well, you can take it in the next town. They’ve got one more show tonight and then they’re off to Madlerville. You can pick them up there.” He nodded goodbye and started walking down the ramp. The crowd erupted in a chorus of boos and threats as the sheriff exited the ship.

“Did you do this?” Nathan said. “Did you bring them here?”

The sheriff paused. “I need to rest up for tonight, Captain Teller. Good luck.”

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