Comicon Announcement!

Big news! This July 7th & 8th at the Youngstown Comicon I will have copies of Bad Rock Beat Down available! If you picked up Milky Way Repo and enjoyed it, this will be your opportunity to grab the 2nd book in the series!

From the description:

At the edge of explored space, in the Epsilon Eridani system, lies the failed settlement of Bad Rock. The closest thing passing for excitement that’s occurred recently is a starliner on a cruise crashing nearby.

Unfortunately, the salvage company responsible for the clean up hasn’t kept current on their vessel’s payments, which means Nathan Teller and the crew from Milky Way Repossessions are soon on their way to grab the salvage ship. Once they arrive at Bad Rock, they encounter a young entrepreneur just trying to make ends meet and a settlement under the thumb of the dreaded Syndicate.

What will Nathan do when he’s made a lucrative offer to join the nefarious organization? Will he solve his own financial problems by accepting and selling out or take a stand and risk the lives of the people he loves and everything he owns?

The Milky Way Repo series is science fiction, but it’s inspired by the Mahoning Valley. When I set out to write this series, I included elements of the place I love, warts and all. Nathan Teller runs Milky Way Repossessions, a small business on the verge of bankruptcy. He knows he will succeed, if he can only keep his ship flying and his crew paid. He’s directly inspire by the hard working people I know in the Valley who want to live life on their own terms by doing their own thing. This universe is full of hard working people beset by an economy out of their control, a corrupt government that functions poorly, and an organized crime syndicate that always has their hand out to get their cut.

I’ll have both books in the series at the Youngstown Comicon and anyone grabbing both will get a special deal. I look forward to seeing you there.


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