My Stan Lee Story

comicon 2012 jake wyatt costumes 047I was sorry to hear about Stan Lee dying today. Given how many comicons I’ve attended over the years, I’m surprised that I only had the opportunity to meet him once. It was in April of 2012 at the Pittsburgh Comicon. I attended on Friday and met a publisher who had a good looking hardback graphic novel for sale, Romeo and Juliet: The War. The publisher told me for an extra ten bucks I could get it autographed by Stan the Man on Saturday. I made my way back, and sure enough, Stan Lee made his appearance.

It was pretty quick and well organized. Stan made a entrance like a rock star, to waves and cheers as he walked through the crowd at the Monroeville Convention Center. He made a short speech where he greeted everyone and then got down to business. All of us ticket holders lined up, and had about thirty seconds to say ‘hi’. It was tough to thank him for having such a huge impact on my life in that short amount of time, but I got it out and he said ‘thanks’. It was a pretty good day.

His comics were amazing, uncanny, and incredible because he created characters with flaws, characters we could relate to because they were different. Anyone who has ever been an awkward teen could find a few moments of respite reading about Peter Parker or the X-Men. We knew that someone actually got us.

So, thanks again Stan, for all of the characters and all of the stories.


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