Milky Way Repo

Starship repo agents against a cult and the mob… In the 25th century, Nathan Teller is the owner of Milky Way Repossessions, a company that tracks down and repossesses starships. Obsessed with his ex-wife and drowning in debt, Nathan has no choice but to accept a job offer to deliver the ransom when her starship … More Milky Way Repo

Book Signing!

It’s time to get out of the house and have some fun. Come see me at Books-a-Million in the Eastwood Mall to grab a signed copy of Murder in the Heart of it All. I’ll be there Saturday July 22nd from 12-4.

Bad Rock Beat Down is now Available for Pre-Order!

EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy bumped up the scheduled pre-order date for the second book in the Milky Way Repo series,Bad Rock Beat Down. It’s available right now! Click here to order. Here’s the description: A sci-fi crime novel set in a dirty, corrupt universe. The starship repossession agents of Milky Way Repo are sent to … More Bad Rock Beat Down is now Available for Pre-Order!