Murder in the Heart of It All


Murder in the Heart of It All is scheduled for release in May 2017 from North Star Press. It will be available as a paperback and an ebook.

Someone is angry in Hogan, Ohio.

Residents of the small town are plagued by vicious, anonymous letters. The personalized notes land in mailboxes with devastating effect, revealing secrets and deeds better left unknown. Whoever the sender is, they know the town and the people who live there.

Reporter Tim Abernathy is assigned to the story and tasked with finding out who is sending the letters and why. The letter writer doesn’t want to be found, however, and will kill to keep his secret.

A cat and mouse game ensues between reporter and letter writer as the violence escalates, shocking the residents of Hogan. Can Tim discover who is terrorizing the town before becoming the next victim?

Milky Way Repo


Starship repo agents against a cult and the mob…

In the 25th century, Nathan Teller is the owner of Milky Way Repossessions, a company that tracks down and repossesses starships. Obsessed with his ex-wife and drowning in debt, Nathan has no choice but to accept a job offer to deliver the ransom when her starship is hijacked by a group of zealots.

Milky Way Repo is available in paperback and as an ebook from Kindle, Kobo and Nook.

Milky Way Repo is published by Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy.

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A Character Interview!

If you’re interested in the Milky Way Repo universe but don’t know what it’s all about, you can get a taste with this short character interview featuring Cole Seger, the hired muscle on the Blue Moon Bandit.

Protective Services Officer: Hello, sir. Your name is Cole Seger?

Cole Seger: That’s correct. Could someone explain what I’m doing here?

Protective Services Officer: Just answer the questions, sir. Your current occupation is security officer aboard the repossession vessel Blue Moon Bandit for Milky Way Repo?

Cole Seger: That’s correct. You seem to know everything so why don’t I just go?

Protective Services Officer: You can leave in a bit. Right now we’re following up on a call we received from Protective Services Officers on Barrigan Three in the Alpha Centauri system. Your ship and crew were involved in the recovery of the cargo vessel Martha Tooey there, correct?

Cole Seger: That’s three right in a row!

Protective Services Officer: Perhaps you could be less sarcastic?

Cole Seger: …Perhaps

Protective Services Officer: Your status as an ex-Marshal doesn’t cut any ice with me, Mr. Seger. Now, the complaint we received said you assaulted one Mickey Flannigan during the recovery of the Martha Tooey. Is that correct?

Cole Seger: Could be. There were a couple of guys on that job who deserved to be assaulted.

Protective Services Officer: Mr. Flannigan asserts that he was performing maintenance work on the Martha Tooey while it was in the dock and that you collided with his pod during your departure. He further asserts that you failed to render aid after the collision. Is any of this true?

Cole Seger: Just the part where we rammed his pod with the freighter we were recovering, but he totally deserved it.

Protective Services Officer: Why did he deserve it?

Cole Seger: Because he’s a lowlife dirtbag and they always hate it when people get one over on them. Take a look at this.

Protective Services Officer: Let the record show the respondent is displaying a video on a mobi, a personal communications device.

Cole Seger: Who are you talking to?

Protective Services Officer: We’re only recording audio so I’m describing what’s happening.

Cole Seger: Okay, well check out this video I recorded during our departure with the Martha Tooey. You see this jerk in the workpod using a torch to melt the wheelhouse window? That’s Mickey Flannigan. At this point in the video, let the record show that this corrupt chucklehead is attempting to vent my captain and I into space.

Protective Services Officer: Yes, I can see that.

Cole Seger: Furthermore, let the record reflect that we gave this creep multiple chances to cease his actions but that he continued in his attempt to see if my captain and I could survive in a vacuum.

Protective Services Officer: Oh my…is that part of the window melting?

Cole Seger: Indeed it is. At this point we decided that leaving the vicinity was our best hope for survival so we applied thrust and knocked this mope for loop. He looks okay to me and since he’s bothering you I assume he recovered from his ill-advised attempt to prevent us from doing our job?

Protective Services Officer: I would assume so. Please accept my apologies for bothering you with this.

Cole Seger: No problem. I remember how much of a pain these mooks can be.

Protective Services Officer: Well, you’re free to go and we’ll take care of the complaint. Oh, one more thing?

Cole Seger:Yes?

Protective Services Officer: Can I get a copy of that video?


Another Hogan Mystery!

I’m working diligently on the next Hogan Mystery. Tim Abernathy and Amy Sashman will take on a cold case from Hogan’s small town past; the disappearance of Kelly Murray. Several years ago, the young woman failed to show up at a Labor Day barbecue and hasn’t been seen since. What secrets are hiding in her past that could have led to her vanishing?

While you’re waiting for me to finish up work on that, you can get the first book in the series, Murder in the Heart of It All, in ebook for Kindle at Amazon, Nook at Barnes and Noble or Google books. You can also get it in print from those retailers or at Leana’s Books and More in the Shenango Valley Mall, Liberty Comics or Books-a-Million in the Eastwood Mall.

Student Protest Planned

Please support these amazing students. Progress is driven by the energy and courage of the young.

On Friday, April 20th we want students to attend school and then promptly WALK-OUT at 10:00 am. Sit outside your schools and peacefully protest. Make some noise. Voice your thoughts. “We are students, we are victims, we are change.”